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FREE New Mexico MVD Motorcycle Marathon Practice Test 2019 | NM

In order to receive either your motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on your regular license or learner’s permit, you will have to pass a written knowledge test, either at the New Mexico MVD or as part of a Basic RiderCourse. The test will be 25 multiple choice questions on a wide range of motorcycle-related topics, and a passing score is 80% or better. The information you need to study to master the knowledge test is in the Basic RiderCourse Handbook and in the 2019 New Mexico Driver Manual. Study these resources, take careful notes, and make sure you spend extra time on any sections that you find difficult or confusing. Once you have completed all our normal practice tests, this marathon permit practice test is designed to help you with final preparations for the knowledge test by providing an opportunity to review and answer all of our 150 test questions on a single test. This is a smart way to double-check that you’re now comfortable with topics that have given you difficulty on previous practice tests.

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