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FREE New Mexico MVD Motorcycle Practice Test 2 2019 | NM

If you are over 18, New Mexico does not require you to take an additional written test to receive a motorcycle license. However, if you are under 18, you must take a Basic RiderCourse from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and you must pass a multiple-choice motorcycle knowledge test to pass the course and receive your motorcycle license and/or endorsement. If you are receiving a learner’s permit with a motorcycle endorsement, the fee for a learner’s permit is $10. If you are receiving your regular license with a motorcycle endorsement, the fee is $18 for a four-year license. The test will cover information from your course as well as the section of the 2019 New Mexico Driver Manual regarding motorcycles. You will need to be familiar with motorcycle road rules, road safety for motorcycles, requirements regarding helmets and night driving, basic safety, and more. This 50 question multiple-choice MVD motorcycle permit practice test will help you prepare for the Basic RiderCourse or New Mexico MVD knowledge test.

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