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FREE New Mexico MVD Motorcycle Practice Test 3 2019 | NM

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to take a Basic RiderCourse, offered by the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP) and pass a knowledge test offered as part of that course, in order to receive your New Mexico motorcycle license. The fee for a learner’s permit is $10, or $18 for a four-year regular license. Some MVD field offices may only allow you to pay with cash or check. Once you pass the knowledge test, your motorcycle license is not valid without a specific endorsement, and there are three types. Endorsement W allows you to ride a motorcycle with engines up to and larger than 100cc. Endorsement Y allows you to ride a motorcycle with an engine smaller than 100cc. Endorsement Z allows you to only ride motorcycles with engines that are 50cc or smaller. You can prepare for your MSP knowledge test or your MVD written test by studying the Basic RiderCourse manual HERE, the motorcycle section of the 2019 New Mexico Driver Manual, and taking this 40-question practice test. Like the real knowledge test, the practice test covers a variety of topics, such as safety and situational awareness while riding, how to handle normal road and traffic situations, special situations that may arise while you’re riding, and much more.

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