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FREE New Mexico MVD Motorcycle Practice Test 4 2019 | NM

To receive your New Mexico motorcycle license, you will need to pass a written test, but your age will determine which type of license and endorsement for which you qualify. Individuals that are 13 years of age to 15 years of age can receive a New Mexico motorcycle license with a Z endorsement. Individuals ages 15 and up have three endorsement options may receive a motorcycle license with a W, Y, or Z endorsement. All motorcycle riders under age 18 who take a Basic RiderCourse offered by the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program must receive a passing score on a knowledge test to pass the course. Due to passing the course, they do not have to take a written test from the MVD. Individuals over 18 are not required to take a safety course, but must pass the normal MVD written knowledge test to receive their motorcycle license and endorsement. If an individual under age 18 has either a motorcycle license or learner’s permit with motorcycle endorsement, they are not legally allowed to carry passengers. This 50 multiple-choice question practice test will help you prepare as it covers information from the motorcycle-related section of the 2019 New Mexico Driver Manual, as well as many topics from the Motorcycle Safety Program handbook.

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