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FREE New Mexico MVD Motorcycle Permit Test Simulator 2019 | NM

New Mexico has a unique system of licensing motorcycle riders, but regardless of the type of license and motorcycle endorsement you receive, you’ll need to pass a written knowledge test, based on facts about how to be a safe and effective motorcycle rider. If you take your knowledge test through the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP), it will be multiple choice and contain 25 questions. If you take the MVD written test to get your license and then add a motorcycle endorsement to it, it will also contain multiple-choice questions and you will need to answer 80% of them correctly to pass. You will need to study the motorcycle section of the 2019 New Mexico Driver Manual to prepare for either test. If you are taking the knowledge test through the MSP, you should review both the state manual and the course manual, which you can find HERE. Once you pass the test and meet all other requirements, such as filling out the application and providing appropriate forms of ID, you’ll need to the pay a $10 fee for your learner’s permit. We recommend you bring cash or check, as not all MVD offices accept credit cards. You can also prepare for your knowledge test by taking this 25-question practice test. It is a higher difficulty level than our first four tests.

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